Sub-Saharan African Working and Advancing the Capacity of Minority and Marginalized Groups

40 organizations gathered virtually for the second meeting of the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemaker’s Sub-Saharan Africa Working Group.  The working group first met in June of 2021 to set the eight priority areas the group will collaboratively address through networking, information sharing, and the planning of joint initiatives.

The Sub-Saharan Africa Working Group (SSA WG) foster collaboration among various international, regional, national and local actors working in Sub-Saharan Africa with the shared goal of increasing the active collaboration between religious and traditional actors and other key stakeholders in peacebuilding, mediation and conflict transformation. The Sub-Saharan Africa Working Group advances communication, networking, advocacy, planning and knowledge exchange and can serve as the catalyst for joint activities and the financing of effective consortiums.

During this most recent meeting, the working group focused in on one of these eight priority areas: creating opportunities and advancing the capacity of minority and marginalized groups, including women, youth and persons with disabilities, to engage meaningfully in peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

The meeting opened with presentations from the Head of the Secretariat for Principles for Inclusive Peace, Ms. Hiba Qasas and the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers Senior Specialist for Inclusive Peace, Ms. Jessica Roland.

Three members of the working group shared best practices and lessons learned from their work on creating opportunities and advancing the capacities of women and youth to participate in peacebuilding and conflict transformation, as well as the engagement of faith communities, or religious/traditional leaders in these efforts.

The next meeting of the Sub-Saharan Africa Working Group will take place in January of 2022. A Steering Committee will be formed to determine an action plan for the working group through the next year and this plan will be reviewed by the larger working group during the January meeting.

For questions about the Sub-Saharan Africa Working Group or to learn how to join, contact the Network’s Membership Coordinator, Rachel Palermo at