Promoting Inclusive Local Governance in Somalia

Four of the five female council members of South Galkacyo administration after their council meeting with Galkacyo’s Deputy Mayor. 2 November, 2021. Left to right: Hawa Sheikh Ali, Maryam Sheikh Hassan, Sowdo Abdi Shire, Falis Abshir Guled. PHOTO: NUR HASSAN ABDULLE/FORESIGHT FILMS

Finn Church Aid (FCA) launched a new publication: Promoting Inclusive Local Governance in Somalia,  Looking Back – Looking Ahead with support from the EU and in close partnership with the Federal Ministry of Interior and Reconciliation Affairs (MOIFAR) and other partners. This publication brings together assessments of key results, successes, best practices and lessons learned on FCA’s and its’ partners efforts since 2016 in the promotion of inclusive local governance and the advancement of gender equality through the social inclusion of women, youth and other marginalized groups in Somalia.

The publication highlights that Reconciled differences and improved social cohesion provide a window of opportunity to discuss questions of power-sharing and governance. On the other hand, a shared understanding of the reasons, needs, and means for equitable political participation across genders, age groups, clans, and ethnicities provides an avenue for the resolution of historical tensions and conflicts between community groups. Reconciliation enables and nourishes inclusive political participation and vice-a-versa.

Through the support of MFA Finland, the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers and Finn Church Aid are continuing the strengthen links between local governance and national reconciliation through MIDEEYE project.  With ‘’MIDEEYE’’ in Somali translating to ‘’unifier,’’ the project will serve as catalyst to unite people from all segments of Somali society to build a new social contract and a shared vision for a common future, for a more stable and peaceful Somalia. MIDEEYE recognizes that genuine national reconciliation and inclusive governance are two reinforcing and interrelated processes, crucial for peace and statebuilding.

The initiative specifically continues the momentum and achievements of the reconciliation projects funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA) since 2018, which resulted in the endorsement of NRF and improvement in capacity of the national actors in leading an inclusive and sustainable National Reconciliation Process (NRP) and builds on FCA’s decade long work in state building and inclusive local governance.