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Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) is an ecumenical, diaconal and humanitarian organization, engaging in humanitarian assistance, long term development and advocacy to contribute to justice and peace. One of NCA’s global programs is peacebuilding.

NCA has been engaged in peacebuilding for two decades and is gaining broad experience in implementing peacebuilding programs. NCA has a long presence and broad network among faith-based and other civil society partners in conflict zones. Being a faith based organization, we have a particular advantage in reaching out to fellow faith based actors and addressing conflicts with religious dimensions and mobilizing faith actors to diminish violence and establish social bonds. We have the experience of activating our existing interfaith network in situations of conflict and being able to work with key actors to address emergent issues in the conflict contexts. In addition, we have participated in the international discourses on quality in peacebuilding and have adapted to internationally acknowledged standards for such work for example through our use of Reflecting on Peace Practice as a programming tool for peacebuilding. Given NCA’s broad competence in other thematic areas like livelihood, GBV, health and WASH, we are also well positioned to work holistically and create synergies from different interventions, contributing to positive peace.