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Tools and Resources

With the mission of “Creating space for conflict transformation”, Berghof works with like-minded partners in selected regions to enable conflict stakeholders and actors to develop non-violent responses in the face of conflict-related challenges. In doing so, they rely on the knowledge, skills and resources available in the areas of conflict research, peace support and peace education. By combining their regional experience with a thematic focus on cutting-edge issues, Berghof aims to be a learning organisation capable of supporting sustained efforts for conflict transformation.

Examples of Berghof’s work include (categorised under programmes):

Regional Programmes
• Caucasus: Training young facilitators for cross-regional dialogue initiatives
• Latin America: Building capacities of indigenous organisations for dealing constructively with conflict
• Middle East and North Africa: Providing on-demand support to the National Dialogue in Yemen
• South-East Asia: Supporting a network of insider mediators in Southern Thailand
• Southeast Europe:  Investigating of the role of civil society actors in post-war peacebuilding and reconciliation
Thematic Programmes
• Agents of Change for Inclusive Conflict Transformation: Conducting collaborative research, offering capacity-building assistance and providing policy advice regarding the roles of formal and informal actors as peace- and state-building agents in asymmetric state-society conflicts
• Dialogue, Mediation, and Peace Support Structures: Applying new insights on dialogue, mediation and negotiation support
• Peace Education and Global Learning: Offering educational resources and training for multipliers worldwide


Partnership activities
• Berghof Foundation is conducting research for the FCA-funded project Baseline: Religious and Traditional Peacemakers and their Local Mediation Support Needs (Jan-Nov 2015).
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