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Join a network of over 50 organizations around the world that seek to support new ways of strengthening the positive engagement of religious and traditional peacemakers in peace and peacebuilding processes. The Network supports collaborative work and engagement. Working collaboratively is more than just the intersection of common goals – it involves engaged, collective determination to reach shared objectives of collaboratively supporting the positive role of religious and traditional actors.

How to get involved

There are many opportunities to get involved in Network activities, either as a Member or Supporter. If you believe that your organization would benefit from being a Member of the Network and meets the criteria outlined in the Terms of Reference, please contact our Membership Coordinator, Rachel Palermo ( to learn more about the membership process.

Organizations and individuals that have the capacity and the desire to advance the Network’s mission but are unable to commit to membership can still be Network Supporters. While Supporters do not have the right to vote, they are encouraged to contribute, based on their interests and capabilities, to specific activities and working groups. Apply to join the Network as a Supporter using this link!

Our Members & Supporters



The strength of the Network is in cooperation. The Network is formed from an array of actors, including inter-and-intra-governmental agencies, regional bodies, academic institutions, international and national organizations, civil society, and most importantly, religious and traditional peacemakers.







Steering Group

finn church aid


ministry of endowments & religious affairs of oman

ministry for foreign affairs of finland

organization of islamic cooperation

religions for peace

united nations alliance of civilizations

united nations development program

un office for genocide prevention

united nations peacemaker

united nations population fund

united nations women

Network Members

african union commission

african students for interfaith tolerance

al amana center

afghan youth ambassadors for peace organization

aga khan development network

adyan foundation

alliance for peacebuilding


atisha dipankar peace trust bangladesh

center for advocacy in gender equality & action for development

arigatou international

berghof foundation

beydaar society

blocks for peace foundation

attalaki for freedom & equality

development initiative of west africa

brac university

folke bernadotte academy

community solutions zimbabwe

finnish evagelical lutheran mission

cordoba peace institute – geneva

center for security studies at eth zurich


cmi – martti ahtisaari peace foundation

conciliation resources

government of kosovo

dharmapala nusantara – fabb

forum for promoting peace in muslim societies

global interfaith network

center for communication & development of bangladesh

united states institute of peace

world faiths development dialogue

institute for healing of memories

institute of buddhist management for happiness & peace

islamic relief worldwide

initiatives of change international

institution for interreligious & islamic studies


international network of engaged buddhists

lutheran world federation

university of san diego

muslim for human rights

national council of churches in bangladesh

islamic education trust

masterpeace bangladesh

Pard international partnership 

organization for security & cooperation in europe

isoko partners for peace & gender equality

young adult empowerment initiative

strength in diversity development center

salem institute for peace & justice

roses of peace

quaker united nations office

solidarity youth voluntary organization

somali gender equity movement

somali women’s study center

aman indonesia

swiss peace

national forum for cooperation of religions in finland


southern africa youth forum

deaconess foundation

taking all men brother

university of sussex

uganda muslim youth development forum


Global vision of young orientation

Youth for peace international

youth innovation center

youth development foundation

West africa center for peace foundation

united religious initiative

world council of churches

save & serve foundation

university of winchester

youth for peace & development

women for justice foundation


pax christi international

united network of youth for peace & diplomacy

World Vision


rose castle foundation

young muslims foundation

zephaniah women’s education & empowerment foundation

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