Finance & Accountability

The Network, to date, is financially supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Finn Church Aid and the KAICIID Dialogue Centre.In addition, the Network is significantly supported by in-kind contributions by several Network members and other external funders. The funds are channeled to Network activities through the Secretariat hosted by the Finn Church Aid.

The Secretariat of the Network adheres to the principles of the financial accountability of FCA. The principles of FCA include operating according to good governance and accounting practices, the responsible and open use of resources in accordance with good management practices, risk assessment, and the principles of sustainable development. FCA is the legal entity of the Network.

The Network continues developing partnerships with a range of international donors to strengthen its activities and enhance its performance towards rights holders and duty bearers. For information on supporting the Network, please contact the Secretariat.

Do No Harm and Conflict Sensitivity

Even the best-intentioned efforts to mitigate conflicts and build peace entail the risk of inadvertently causing harm to the societies involved. Over time, the world has developed approaches designed to minimize that risk, including the Do No Harm principle and an awareness of Conflict Sensitivity. For the Network, these too are cross-cutting issues. To address them, members emphasize careful planning and analysis to ensure that peacemaking and broader peacebuilding efforts have the desired impact: to reduce causes of division and enhance sources of unity and local capacities for building peace. A conflict-sensitive approach is an essential tool in achieving the Network’s strategic objectives because it helps to accomplish goals more quickly and contributes to peace outcomes that are sustainable, inclusive and just.

Data Protection Principles

  • We only collect and process personal data that is necessary, and delete any outdated data
  • We use the data in our communication, customer service and service delivery
  • All personal data is processed in centralized registers at the FCA headquarters in Helsinki
  • Relevant personal data is also processed by the persons actively involved in voluntary work or resource mobilization in other locations or in events, where this activity is taking place and where they might collect personal data
  • We use the data for authorized marketing and targeted marketing
  • Our principle is that personal data is not disclosed to a party outside the organization